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Our history

Getting our hands dirty

Friulsider S.p.A, established in 1966, has expanded rapidly over the years and now occupies an area of 61.000 m2 (23.000 m2 under cover) made up of various offices, warehouses and a recently expanded production area.The production of all references, in steel and plastic, is carried out in-house, to ensure the quality of a "made in Italy" product and to rapidly respond to all of the market demands, from construction to plant engineering, from mechanical industry to carpentry.

Continuously searching for innovative technological solutions, Friulsider constantly expands and evolves its product range, which now includes a total of 5800 articles, divided into anchors, roofing and cladding fixings, wood screws, nuts and bolts for metal.



50 years have passed since Cav. Giuseppe Morigi founded his wood screw company, in San Giovanni al Natisone, naming it Friulsider. Over these years the company has grown beyond all expectation.


Friulsider is one of the first companies in Europe to obtain the C2 Seismic Certification for structural uses in zones of medium to high seismic risk for a number of its mechanical anchors


Attainment of European certification for 48 product lines, covering a total of more than 1,500 fixings


Company becomes part of the French group Etanco


Certifications ISO 1 4001


Construction of laboratory and attainment of the first ETA


Creation of the plastic production division


Quality Certification ISO 9001


Production of the first metal anchor


Production of the first wall plug in nylon


Company founded for the manufacturing of screws

Mission & Vision


Friulsider confirms its role as a leading international reference in safety fixings, consolidating the identity values of over 50 years of history. A true fixing factory which promotes the culture of complete quality certified product safety through eco-sustainable technological innovation.


Safety fixings on every construction site in the world.


Ton/year Metal fixings


Ton/year total production (nylon e PP)


Articlesproducts range


the percentage of export sales


fixages European certifications



During its 50 years in business, Friulsider has expanded rapidly and now occupies an area of 61.000 m2 (23.000 m2 under cover), inside which the offices and production lines are housed. To meet all the market requirements, from building to engineering, from the mechanical industry to carpentry, Friulsider is constantly extending its product range, which currently encompasses a total of 10.000 items.
The 120 production machineries guarantee the full operation of four product lines, providing for each of them a complete range:

  • metallic and plastic anchors
  • fixings for roofs and facades / bimetal screws
  • screws and fixings for wood
  • standard nuts, bolts, screws and fixings for metal and wood.


Friulsider worldwide

Friulsider is currently distributed in a stable manner in over 30 European countries, and has a total global coverage of over 70 countries. It is not a coincidence that the company develops more than 40% of its turnover abroad, testimony to an expansion that is growing exponentially. The merit is definitely the ability to rapidly meet all the market demands by virtue of a product and marketing management strongly oriented towards flexibility, capable of studying development strategies tailored to the different needs of different countries.

Research & Development


With the focus always on technological innovation, Friulsider has a design facility that is at the cutting edge, equipped with the most modern digital CAD 3D tools. This allows for the continuous development of projects for new and more advanced products as well as process technologies necessary for the industrialisation of such products. The products are tested in the first class “Test Laboratory”, where the validity verification of selected theoretical models is carried out and the technical and operational specifications are certified. The Laboratory is fully equipped for the entire ETA test procedures on any type of support, including cracked concrete, and tests are carried out up to an extraction value of 500kN

Friulsider has aligned itself to the European Construction Products Regulation CPR 305/2011/EU, attaining European certifications for a total of over 1.500 fixings. Due to its tendency for applied research, Friulsider was also one of the first companies in Europe to have a range of mechanical C1 and C2 certified anchors for structural use in high risk seismic zones.


Bringing order

The type and range of Friulsider’s products, on one hand, and the determination of the Company to provide optimum assistance, on the other, demand a very signi cant logistics organisation. A sophisticated digital system ensures the rapid processing of orders and the precise management of warehouse stocks, where 16,000 places/pallets are available. Friulsider’s Material Requirements Planning steers the production planning, ensuring that:

  • 95% of items are available immediately
  • 92% of the orders are sent the day after receipt of the request.


Staying close

Friulsider guarantees a high standard of pre- and post-sales service: the company’s technicians are trained to offer on-site consultancy in order to resolve any technical or installation problem. Furthermore, personalised training courses can be provided on request, including at the client’s own premises.


Quality and environment

Customer satisfaction, product quality and service offered, environmental protection and safety of workers have always been the primary goals for Friulsider. To achieve these results, the Company adopted an Integrated Management System based on international voluntary standards: in 1998 it achieved the Quality Management System ISO 9001 certification and in 2002 it obtained the Environmental Management System UNI EN ISO 14001 certification. Over the years Friulsider successfully managed the adaptation to the revision of the standards starting with the Vision 2000 (ISO 9001: 2000), which introduced the process approach and focused on fundamental concepts such as customer focus and continuous improvement. Friulsider has also recently obtained the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications and adopted the requirement of Risk Based Thinking.

Quality & Environmental Management System Policy


Friulsider UK


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